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Color Ruby Red Pearl Gold Brown Metallic Modern Steel Metallic Taffeta White Crystal Black Pearl
Price starts at PHP 764,000.00
1.5 E MT
1.5 E CVT
1.5 E CVT Limited Edition
1.5 VX Navi CVT
1.5 VX+ Navi CVT
1.5 E CVT Modulo Utility
1.5 VX Navi CVT Modulo Aero Sport
1.5 E CVT Modulo Black Edition
1.5 VX Navi CVT Modulo Black Edition
1.5 VX Navi CVT MUGEN Black Edition

The Future Is Here

Advanced mobility is in your hands with The All-New Honda City. Designed in line with a vision that is ahead of its time, utilizing cutting-edge driving innovations and delivering outstanding comfort features.



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Angular lines and sharp creases guarantee that The All-New Honda City glides through the air with utmost efficiency. The result is a head-turning shape with sophisticated styling and design; an announcement for all that you’ve arrived.

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  • New Alloy Wheels

    Polished five-spoke 16-inch alloys exude understated style. (For VX+ and VX only)

  • Front Grille

    The imposing polished chrome grille with the unmistakable badge of Honda.

  • Headlight

    Safety is paramount, thanks to superior driver visibility provided by the new headlights.

  • Side Mirror Turn Lights

    Be seen by oncoming motorists during maneuvers with sleek side-turn lights. (For VX+ and VX only)

  • Fog Light

    Drive with confidence under any weather condition. (For VX+ and VX only)

  • Rear Design

    Boast off a stunning rear end, thanks to a sculpted rear bumper and classic chrome trunk garnish.

  • Antenna

    The antenna that resembles a shark's fin adds an upmarket touch to what's already a fashionable exterior. (Pole antenna for 1.5E M/T)

  • Smart Key

    Keyless entry uses a proximity sensor for unrivalled and secure access to The All-New Honda City (For VX+ and VX only)

  • Tail Lights

    Attention-grabbing, wide multi-facet taillights ensure absolute safety even when surrounded by other vehicles.

  • Streamline Sides

    Fluid upward-creased character line emphasizes the elegance of The All-New Honda City.

  • Multi-View Reverse Camera

    Additional rear visibility is made possible with the multi-view reverse camera of The All-New Honda City, which features 3-view mode-normal, wide-angle, and top-down view. (For VX+ and VX only)

  • 15-inch Alloy Wheels

    For 1.5 E CVT only.

  • 15-inch Wheel with Full Wheel Cover

    For 1.5 E MT only.

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Whether as a driver or passenger, The All-New Honda City will keep you comfortable no matter where you go. You can also experience the power of a single touch with The All-New Honda City touch-screen multi-information panel. Every detail is made with the finest quality, keeping it on top of its class.

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  • Honda Audio-Visual Navigation (AVN) System (7'') Powered by Garmin (For VX and VX+ only)

  • Touch Panel Auto Aircon

    One effortless push activates the automatic air-conditioning system. (For VX+ and VX only)

  • Push Button Ignition

    Start your engine with a single push of a button. (For VX+ and VX only)

  • Econ Mode Button

    Using the button activates the econ mode which adjusts vital systems that affect fuel economy, such as throttle, shift mapping, and air-conditioning.

  • Audio Controls

    Keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road with intuitive steering-wheel-mounted audio controls. (For VX+ and VX only)

  • Cable and Power Ports

    Cable and power ports make connectivity and charging easier than ever with The All-New Honda City. Power ports are also conveniently accessed even at the back seat.

  • Continously Variable Transmission

    It allows seamless shifting, gives rapid response, and delivers outstanding fuel economy.

  • Eco-Coaching Ambient Meter

    Be guided by the Econ Ambient Light Meter to get the best mileage. The green color indicates efficient fuel consumption.

  • Amber-lit Instrument Cluster

    For 1.5 E CVT / MT

  • Feel The Comfort

    Whether as the driver or a passenger, ergonomic seats will keep you comfortable and secure no matter how long you travel.

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The 1.5-liter i-Vtec of The All-New Honda City can make short work of any urban challenge. Variable valve timing and lift electronic control technology optimizes engine response based on the driver’s instantaneous demands, thus providing spirited dynamics while maintaining fuel economy.





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For added peace of mind, The All-New Honda City makes no compromises when it comes to passengers’ safety. Traveling with your loved ones has never been this secure even during spirited drives.

  • Airbags
  • Vehicle Stability Assist
    G-Con Body Structure
    Hill Start Assist
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  • Airbags

  • Vehicle Stability Assist

    Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) will help keep drivers in control by eliminating understeer and oversteer in the event of traction loss.(For VX+ only)

  • G-Con Body Structure

    G-Con body construction absorbs the force of impact during collisions. The extensive crash testing and research of Honda has resulted in a body shell that is crash–compatible with other vehicles.

  • Hill Start Assist

    Hill Start Assist (HSA) gives you additional confidence on inclined roads knowing you have more time shifting your foot from the brake to the gas pedal. (For VX+ only)

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