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Are you in a hurry?
Avail of our 60-minute PM Service

Periodic Maintenance covered:

  • 1 month or 1,000 kms

  • 6 months or 10,000 kms

  • 1.5 years or 30,000 kms

  • 2.5 years or 50,000 kms

  • 3.5 years or 70,000 kms

  • 4.5 years or 90,000 kms


The Advantages of a 60-Minute Service:

  • No need to take a whole day leave.
  • You can have your PM during your lunch break. Bring car in, have lunch nearby, get car, go back to office 
  • You can have PM in between Mommy duties. Bring kids to school, bring car for PM, pick-up kids from school

And many more possibilities!

The Benefits of Blitz:

  • Easy and Convenient. Just call and set an appointment at your preferred Honda Dealer. Better if you set it in the afternoon to avoid the morning rush. We will call you a day in advance to remind you of the appointment.
  • Fast and Quality Service. How can we finish servicing your car in 60 minutes? Two (2) highly-trained Honda Technicians will work on your car simultaneously. They each have their own set of tools, and will work on your car at the standard speed and quality. But because two of them are doing the job at the same time, they finish the job in half the time.
  • No Additional Cost. Availing of the Blitz Service does not entail cost outside of your PM fees.


For more information, visit or call any Authorized Honda Cars Dealerships nearest you.