Corporate Citizenship

Honda recognizes the importance of giving its contribution to society. As a corporate citizen, it is committed to pursue harmonious co-existence with the environment and the community.

Honda has invested in a multi-million peso Wastewater Treatment Facility that subjects waste water to thorough and redundant recycling and decontamination, ensuring no harmful elements are released to the environment. Geared towards protecting the community dependent on the waters of Laguna Bay, this investment has earned Honda the Macli-ing Dulag Environmental Achievement Award. To complement its Wastewater Treatment facility, a Universal Carbonizer thermal treatment system was adopted to properly treat hazardous and non-hazardous wastes before discharge. Owing to these and other measures, Honda Cars Philippines was granted an ISO 14001 certification for responsible environmental management.

Lending not only its expertise in engineering, Honda supports NGO projects and upholds the value of education. It has cultivated a training ground for Filipino engineers with engine and transmission assembly donations to technological institutions. In addition, Honda has granted full scholarship programs to its associates and students from the local community.

Ever persevering in maintaining harmony with society, Honda has been a catalyst in addressing environmental and social concerns, protecting valuable resources and nurturing the dreams of the young generation.