Investor Information

Date Established
October 1990

Start of CKD Production
February 1992

Production Capacity
15,000 units per year

Land Area
172,000 square meters

No. of Employees
Approximately 700

Php 1.1 Billion

Under its participation in the Motor Vehicle Development Program, Honda Cars Philippines has invested P1.1B in local manufacturing operations and a state-of-the-art production plant. To carry out its undertaking, Honda provides direct employment to some 700 personnel.

Honda’s entry into the Philippine Automotive Industry paved the way for the establishment of several auto parts suppliers in the country. To date, a total of 18 investors have brought in capital investments close to P4.9B and provide income to more than 6,000 Filipinos.

Dealer investors continue to increase in number. There are currently 12 Metro Manila dealerships, 20 provincial dealerships and 4 service centers that substantially contribute to the local economies where they operate. Honda car dealers have invested over P1B and provide employment to close to 2,000 Filipinos.