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Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. Announces Voluntary Recall

April 11, 2013

April 11, 2013 – Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) announces a voluntary recall of some 9,743 units of the Honda Civic year models 2001 to 2002 and CR-V year model 2002 sold in the Philippines for the period of 2001 to 2002 due to faulty inflation device of the front passenger airbag.

Findings show that during manufacturing process, the automatic rejection system machine failed to detect defective Airbag Inflators with low density propellants.  Subsequently, these defective inflation devices were installed in these vehicles. As a result, upon airbag deployment, the pressure increases excessively and might cause the inflator case to rapture. 

The announcement is part of a global recall of vehicles following a Honda Motor report involving faulty front passenger airbags. An estimated total of 1,142,000 of various Honda vehicles are affected by this recall. The affected inflator will be replaced for all affected vehicles.

There has been no known case of abnormal deployment of passenger airbag, no crashes and/or injuries were reported related to this issue. 

Honda Civic and CR-V units with the following frame (VIN) numbers are included in the safety measure:

CIVIC 2001 JHMES56801S200018 JHMES56801S200018
PADES56701V000057 PADES56701V000057
PADES56701V000061 PADES56701V000069
PADES56701V000071 PADES56701V000199
PADES56701V000201 PADES56701V000243
PADES56701V000245 PADES56701V000256
PADES56701V000258 PADES56701V000323
PADES56701V000326 PADES56701V000490
PADES56701V000492 PADES56701V000513
PADES56701V000515 PADES56701V000515
PADES56701V000517 PADES56701V000549
PADES56701V000551 PADES56701V000627
PADES56701V000629 PADES56701V000685
PADES56701V000687 PADES56701V001126
PADES56701V001128 PADES56701V001453
PADES56701V001455 PADES56701V001526
PADES56701V001528 PADES56701V001678
PADES56701V001680 PADES56701V001920
2002 PADES55602V100001 PADES55602V100030
PADES55602V100032 PADES55602V100090
PADES55602V100092 PADES55602V100210
PADES56702V101921 PADES56702V102100
CR-V 2002 PADRD47202V000001 PADRD47202V002100
PADRD47202V900001 PADRD47202V900005
PADRD48302V000001 PADRD48302V005340
PADRD48302V900001 PADRD48302V900002
PADRD48402V000001 PADRD48402V000060
JHLRD58492C400014 JHLRD57492C400015
Total Affected Units 9,743


HCPI is carrying out a proactive market action through the conduct of a Voluntary Safety Recall in accordance to Honda’s own standard even if there is no specific law in the Philippines that requires such an action. Honda still opts to do the recall as a matter of policy on worldwide customer satisfaction when it comes to quality of the product and safety of customers which are the top priorities.

HCPI will replace, free of charge, the inflator of the affected Honda models. HCPI will inform the owners of these affected vehicles to bring their unit to an authorized Honda dealer for part replacement.

Concerned customers and/or owners shall be notified through phone by Honda dealers and Letters of Notice will be sent starting April 12, 2013. Honda is announcing this safety recall to encourage owners of all affected vehicles to take their vehicles to an authorized dealer as soon as they receive notification of this recall from Honda. To conduct the voluntary safety recall in an orderly manner, customers are requested to call their respective dealers for service appointment or call the Honda Hotline 1-800-1000-HONDA (46632) and (02) 857-7240 or email at, or may also visit Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.’s website for inquiries and details of scheduling.

In the event that the owners have already sold their units, they shall be requested to inform the dealership immediately so as to inform the transferee of this recall campaign. Also, the frame numbers of affected vehicles shall be posted in the website.

Replacement of affected part will take about one (1) hour and will be carried out in all 28 authorized dealers and 3 service centers nationwide.  Repair service of affected vehicles will sequentially start from April 22, 2013.

Owners of Honda Jazz, City, Civic, Accord, CR-V and HR-V models sold and distributed by Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. are not affected and thus have no reason to worry since the airbags of these models were assembled during other periods.

Click here to know if your Honda vehicle is affected.