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Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. Announces Voluntary Safety Recall Due to Faulty Inflation Device of the Front Passenger Airbag

July 09, 2014

July 9, 2014 – Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) announces the voluntary recall of 1,760 units of selected Honda Fit, City, Civic, and Accord sold in the Philippines due to faulty inflation device of the front passenger airbag. 

 Models affected by the recall

The announcement is part of a global recall of vehicles following a Honda Motor Company, Ltd. (Honda Motor) report involving faulty front passenger airbags.  The report traces the cause of the faulty airbags, to the automatic rejection system machine’s failure to detect defective Airbag Inflators containing low density propellants. Subsequently, the defective airbag inflation devices manufactured and delivered by the supplier were inadvertently installed during the assembly of the affected vehicles. As a result, upon airbag deployment, the pressure increases excessively and might cause the inflator case to rupture.

An estimated 2.1 million Honda vehicles worldwide are affected by this recall which involves the replacement of the affected inflator.

This notwithstanding, there has been no known/reported case of abnormal passenger airbag deployment or of any crashes and/or injuries related to or arising from this issue.

Below is the table of information of the vehicles that are included in the safety measure: 

CITY 2003 M/T MRHGD65703P020001 MRHGD65703P020390
CVT MRHGD66703P020001 MRHGD66703P020007
MRHGD66703P020009 MRHGD66703P020018
MRHGD66703P020020 MRHGD66703P020306
MRHGD66703P020308 MRHGD66703P020480
FIT 2002 JHMGD18502S224874 -
CIVIC 2003 M/T PADES55603V100211 PADES55603V100240
PADES55603V200241 PADES55603V200305
PADES55603V200307 PADES55603V200329
A/T PADES56703V202101 PADES56703V202153
PADES56703V202155 PADES56703V202188
PADES56703V202190 PADES56703V202195
PADES56703V202197 PADES56703V202199
PADES56703V202201 PADES56703V202216
ACCORD 2003 A/T MRHCM46203P010001 MRHCM46203P010240
MRHCM46203P020001 MRHCM46203P020420
JHMCM55373C080576 -
JHMCM55353C080575 -
Total Affected Units 1,760


Concerned customers and/or owners shall be notified through Letter-Notices which will be sent by Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. and through phone by Honda dealers. Honda is announcing this safety recall to encourage all affected owners to take their vehicles to an authorized dealer where the defective inflator will be replaced free of charge.In case the affected vehicles have already been sold by their original owners, the latter is requested to inform the dealership immediately in order to inform the transferee of this recall campaign.

“We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience we have caused to our customers and other people involved in this matter. Rest assured that we are conducting different measures to prevent the recurrence of this problem. Our customers' safety is always Honda's top priority. Please bear with us as we conduct this safety campaign”, said Mr. Toshio Kuwahara, HCPI’s President and General Manager in a press statement.

Due to worldwide recall, replacement parts supply is limited and will come in by batch. To conduct the voluntary safety recall in an orderly manner, customers are requested to call their respective dealers for service appointment or call the Honda at (02) 857-7240 or email at; or you may also use the 17-character VIN SEARCH below to know if your vehicle is included in the recall.

Replacement of the affected part will take about one hour and will be carried out in all 32 authorized dealers and 3 service centers nationwide.  Repair service of affected vehicles will sequentially start from July 31, 2014.

Owners of Honda City, Jazz, Civic, Accord, CR-Z, CR-V, HR-V, Pilot and Odyssey models sold and distributed by Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. and which are not covered by this recall  have no reason to worry since the airbags of these models were assembled during other periods.

HCPI is carrying out a proactive market action through the conduct of a Voluntary Safety Recall in accordance with Honda’s own standard even if there is no specific law in the Philippines requiring such action. Honda opts to conduct the recall pursuant to its policy of worldwide customer satisfaction which is anchored on customer safety and product quality.


Click here to know if your Honda vehicle is affected.