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Honda Companies Unite for Safer Roads through the Launching of the "Road Safety For Our Family" Campaign

April 07, 2017

Manila, Philippines, March 27, 2017: The Honda group of companies in the Philippines led by Mr. Daiki Mihara, President of Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), the manufacturer and distributor of motorcycles and power products, Mr. Toshio Kuwahara, President of Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), the manufacturer and distributor of automobiles, and Mr. Yasuharu Hikida, President of Honda Parts Manufacturing Corp. (HPMC), the manufacturer of engine parts and transmission, officially announced the One Honda Road Safety program thru a public launch at the Honda Safety Driving Center, in Sucat, Paranaque.

Attended by guests representing government agencies, the academic sector, industry organizations and private companies as well as the combined two-wheel and four-wheel media, the program symbolizes a partnership of Honda together with the society to help reduce road accidents in the Philippines. The group introduced “One Honda Road Safety” program to unify and guide Honda operations for road safety promotion to the same direction of building a community of safe and responsible road users. This event marked the kick off for all project partners who aim for the same goal of reducing road accidents which is the major concern for every sector.

Honda worldwide has always been committed to safety as expressed in its Global Safety Slogan “Safety for Everyone”. Taking this mission to the operations in the Philippines, various traffic safety promotions and initiatives have been continuously implemented by the group. However, as the toll of traffic accident is increasing sharply, Honda, as the leading mobility company, would like to help solve the problem by expanding its road safety activities in partnership with different sections of society.

To realize this goal, the Honda group of companies introduced a unified and synergistic road Safety program called, “One Honda Road Safety”, to all of Honda’s businesses while collaborating with the project partners.

The One Honda Road Safety campaign carries the theme “Road Safety For our Family”. It focuses on three major thrusts: educate the public to become safe and responsible road users; promote vehicle safety technology thru actual customer experience; and collaborate with concerned sectors of society. Piloted in July 2016 in each of the three Honda companies internally, One Honda Road Safety is now ready to expand externally, starting with the two industrial parks where Honda manufacturing plants are located. This will then move out farther to cover the communities of Sto. Tomas and Tanauan, Batangas and Sta Rosa, Laguna where the Honda facilities are situated. The ultimate goal of this Road Safety Program is to provide safer roads for the society by reaching and educating as many road users in the country.

In a related activity, the new lobby of the Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC), which played host to the event, was likewise formally inaugurated. The HSDC remains to be Honda's centerpiece public facility that directly promotes road safety though responsible motoring and education. The HSDC also promises improved and more accessible services for its customers as the country's only world class driving facility which offers basic and comprehensive driving training for two-wheel, four-wheel and even trucks. Also, to be opened within this month is safety driving facilities at the newly renovated flagship shops of Honda in Cebu and Davao.

All these efforts by the three Honda companies resonate with the words of its founder Mr. Soichiro Honda, himself: "as long as we are handling a mode of transportation, we are entrusted with human lives". One Honda Road Safety is definitely one step towards Honda's ultimate dream of a collision-free mobile society - where its customers and everyone sharing the road can safely and confidently enjoy the freedom of mobility.