Affordable Service Packages

Low Price, No Compromise

Affordable Service Packages for Out-of-Warranty units.

  • Quality Service

    Prices lower than some outside shops
  • Genuine Oil and Parts

    Designed for your Honda Engine, plus, includes Drain Plug Washer replacement not performed by other outside shops
  • Twice a Year Replacement Only

    Replace every 6 months (Applicable to 2001 models and above)
  • Prices Lower Than Some Outside Shops

    Utilize Low Viscocity Oil and yet priced lower than some known outside shops

Change Oil Package

PHP 1,915

Parts, Labor and Regular Oil

Package Includes:
  • Drain Oil
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Replace Drain Plug Washer
  • Replace Engine Oil
Also available:

Semi Synthetic Oil Package

PHP 2,545

Fully Synthetic Oil Package

PHP 3,495

  • For Gasoline variants only.
  • Bigger engine may require additional oil and charges.

Brake Service Package

PHP 940

Labor only

Package Includes:
  • Clean Front and Rear Brake Pads/Shoe
  • Rotate Tires if Recommended
  • Check Brake Lines and Fluids
  • Check/Adjust Parking Brakes
  • Lubricate Friction Parts

Parts for replacement is subject to additional charges.

Tune-Up Package

PHP 580

Labor only

Package Includes:
  • Clean/Replace Spark Plugs
  • Clean Air Filter
  • Clean Engine Idling
  • Check Fuel System and Hoses
  • Check/Adjust Timing
  • Check Battery and Charging System

Parts for replacement is subject to additional charges.

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