Blitz 60 Minutes Periodic Maintenance Service

Blitz 60 Minutes Periodic Maintenance Service

Honda understands the importance of your time and how you value your car, such that car servicing should be fast and hassle free!

The introduction of “Blitz 60 Minutes Periodic Maintenance Service” gives you Quick but Quality service at no extra cost! (60 minute service includes Repair, Carwash and Billing)

Pair Technician on High Gear

Two (2) Certified Honda Technicians working simultaneously for that Quick and Quality Service!

60 Minutes Complete Service

Blitz 60 Minutes Periodic Maintenance (PM) Service time shall start once you have approved and signed your Repair Order until the Service Advisor informs you that your vehicle is ready for release.

No Skipped Process

Aside from regular Parts and Fluids replacement, over 45 Check Items will be inspected, thus, securing your vehicle in tip top condition

Blitz 60 Minutes PM Service is currently available at the following dealerships:

North Metro Manila

South Metro Manila

  • Honda Cars Kalookan
  • Honda Cars Marcos Highway
  • Honda Cars Greenhills
  • Honda Cars Pasig
  • Honda Cars Shaw
  • Honda Cars Global City
  • Honda Cars Makati
  • Honda Cars Manila Bay
  • Honda Cars Alabang
As of July 1, 2019.
Should your preferred dealer is not yet included on the list, please stay in touch for future announcement.

How to avail Blitz 60 Minutes Periodic Maintenance Service?