Sustainability in Honda is about the joy of our customers and society. To realize our dream to be the company that society wants to exist, we dedicate ourselves to creating, expanding, and ensuring joys for the next generation.

2030 Vision

Serve people worldwide with the "joy of expanding their personal life's potential"

Lead the advancement of mobility and enable people everywhere in the world to improve daily lives.

Growth through pursuit of quality

Creating the Joys

Creating value for "mobility" and "daily lives"

  • Provide people the joy and freedom of mobility
  • Provide people the joy of making their lives better

Expanding the Joys

Accommodate the different characteristics of people and society

  • Provide the ideal products and services that fulfill societies' expectations and meet individual needs.

Ensuring the Joys for the next generation

Towards a clean and safe/secure society

  • Lead efforts to realize a carbon-free society
  • Lead efforts to realize a collision-free mobile society

Business viewpoint to focus on:

Effective utilization of corporate resources


Forest for Life Movement with Haribon Foundation

Honda Foundation’s partnership with Haribon aims to restore Philippine rainforests. Since 2010, 45,000 native trees species such as Narra, Apitong, and Lauan have been planted in over 32 hectares of damaged forests. Aside from recovering biodiversity, clean air and water, resilience to climate change and natural hazards, the project provides options for sustainable livelihood to nearby communities.

Eco Safe Driving Campaign

The Eco-Safe Driving Campaign builds on Honda’s efforts since 1996 to highlight the importance of driving habits in fuel efficiency. In addition to classroom and hands-on trainings, videos and other unconventional teaching materials as well as social media presence on Facebook and YouTube help drivers learn that responsible driving habits and regular vehicle maintenance contribute to road safety, cleaner air, fuel conservation, and climate change mitigation.

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One Honda Road Safety (1HRS)

Honda companies in the Philippines unite to help have more responsible road users who value life and safety. The 1HRS Program aims to reduce road accidents through road safety education and collaboration with the different sectors of society. Carrying the theme "Road Safety for Our Family", the program focuses on three major thrusts: educate the public to become safe and responsible road users; promote vehicle safety technology through actual customer experience; and collaborate with concerned sectors of society.